Yesterday, Microsoft updated its MSN weather application, providing users with accurate and timely weather forecasts, interactive animated maps, and notices and news about severe weather events. < / P > < p > allows users to quickly understand the weather conditions of the outside world. This feature can be found in the new tab of edge, weather response of and It appears on the website. < / P > < p > when you click the weather summary, MSN weather displays detailed information such as current temperature, body sensations such as wind and humidity, and hourly forecasts of hourly temperature and rainfall probability. It also provides a quick preview of the weather forecast for the next 10 days. The weather forecast of MSN weather can improve the accuracy based on radar images, and enhance the weather model through deep learning of social, spatial terrain and time data. These forecasts reflect small topographic changes in your area, so you can get high-precision forecasts at the street level, not at the county level. < / P > < p > if you want to learn more about the weather summary, you can scroll down to see a rich interactive map powered by Bing Maps and MSN weather forecasts, predicting weather conditions in your area over time. You can change the view on the map and zoom in to your specific location to see animated views of predicted temperature, rainfall, wind direction, etc. over time, so you can see beautiful visual effects even in ugly places outside. < / P > < p > the map also provides a detailed view of severe weather events such as winter storms, wildfires and hurricanes. The MSN weather map view shows you detailed maps, overlays relevant information (e.g., warning levels of winter storms, snow forecasts, air quality in areas affected by wildfires, etc.), and highlights the most important relevant news, so you can quickly rest assured that you know what will happen. Global Tech