The new mage charger is easy to charge. The magnets can be precisely aligned to fit your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 pro, greatly improving the speed of wireless charging. < / P > < p > this apple designed case is slim, lightweight and easy to hold, giving the iPhone 12 12 Pro a great look and extra protection. The protective case is made of high light transmittance polycarbonate and flexible material. It fits perfectly with the body button, which is convenient to use. The outer and inner surfaces of the protective shell have anti scratch coating. All materials and coatings are optimized to prevent yellowing due to long-term use. < / P > < p > Apple’s MagSafe silicone case is specially designed for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro, which can protect your iPhone and make it easier to use. The silicone material on the outside gives you a silky feel. On the inside, the soft lining made of microfiber provides further protection. < / P > < p > the silicone protector is available in plum, navy blue, golden orange, dark green, pink orange, white, black and red. The retail price is 399 yuan, and the specific delivery date has not been announced. < / P > < p > the MagSafe leather card bag for iPhone is designed with both style and function, making it an ideal choice for carrying identity documents and credit cards with you. It’s made of specially tanned and finished European leather with a powerful magnet that can be easily attached to the back of the iPhone and installed in place. You can even attach it to the MagSafe transparent or silicone protective case, and add a layer of personal style. This leather card bag is protected to hold credit cards. < / P > < p > the leather card bag is available in saddle brown, indigo blue, turquoise and black, with a retail price of 479 yuan. The specific delivery date has not been announced yet. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region