The annual TGA game awards ceremony will officially open in a few days. In the early morning of December 3, the TGA organizers announced the list of games nominated for the “player’s choice” award on its official website. From today, players can vote for their favorite games and finally choose their favorite games. < p > < p > TGA has added the “player’s choice” award since 2019. The selection of this award is divided into three stages. Players can choose the game with the highest number of votes through several rounds of voting competition among dozens of games. The list of TGA’s “player’s choice” nominated games in 2020 has been made public. There are 30 games participating in the first round of voting. At present, ghost of the island, which is occupied by PS4, is currently taking the lead. < / P > < p > registered users can choose up to 10 of the 30 nominated games, and the second and third rounds of voting will start on December 4 and December 6, respectively. Skip to content