Facebook’s instagram said on Thursday that it was modifying its image sharing platform to stop false information about the U.S. presidential election. For U.S. users, instagram will temporarily remove the “recent” tag from its tag page starting Thursday, instagram said in a twitter statement. < / P > < p > instagram’s “recent” tag arranges the tags in chronological order and highlights the content. The researchers warned that automatic highlighting of content could lead to the rapid spread of false information on the platform. < / P > < p > the change stems from growing pressure on social media companies to crack down on false election related information and to prepare for possible violence or intimidation at polling stations before and after the November 3 vote. Twitter recently announced several temporary measures: from October 20 to at least the end of election week in the United States, for example, when users around the world press the “forward” button, they are first directed to “quote tweets” and encourage people to add their own comments. Twitter said it would also stop highlighting hot topics without additional context. It decided to suspend the auto recommendation feature, in sharp contrast to Facebook, which had previously stepped up the promotion of group products. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities