Compared with the same period of last year, the company’s loss was nearly RMB 0.345 billion, which was nearly RMB 1.043 billion. According to the Cambrian period, the revenue growth was mainly caused by the growth of revenue from smart chip and accelerator card business and intelligent computing cluster business. In addition, the company’s sales expenses and R & D expenses kept increasing, of which the sales expenses increased by 233% to 24.76 million yuan, which was mainly due to the increase of sales Investment and the increase of sales personnel, which led to the substantial increase of employee compensation. During the period, the R & D expenses reached 433 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of nearly 33%. The Cambrian was officially listed on the science and technology innovation board on July 20 this year, with a sharp rise of nearly 230% on the first day, and reached a peak of 297.77 yuan at one time, but then continued to plummet. On October 28, the stock fell 1.89% to 183.89 yuan, down nearly 62% from the previous peak. The corresponding market value evaporated nearly 45.6 billion yuan, and the latest market value was about 736 yuan. Global Tech