Apple is working on hydrogen fuel cells in mobile devices as an alternative to current battery charging technology, in part to achieve high battery life, but also to be more environmentally friendly. In the patent, apple said that electronic manufacturers are very interested in developing renewable energy in their products due to the improvement of consumer awareness, and they have been exploring some promising renewable energy sources, such as hydrogen fuel cells. Apple doesn’t say for sure that hydrogen fuel cells are the perfect battery of the future, but it does list the reasons why the technology is so promising. < p > < p > Apple said that hydrogen fuel cells have many advantages, and that such fuel cells and related fuels have the potential to achieve high energy density, which may allow portable electronic devices to run for days or even weeks without power. However, it is very challenging to design enough portable and cost-effective hydrogen fuel cell systems for use with portable electronic devices. < / P > < p > this is exactly what this patent aims to solve. It designs a portable and cost-effective fuel cell system for portable computing devices that converts fuel, such as hydrogen, into electricity. The study includes a number of different possible solutions to generate power and deliver it to the device, including the mention of a MagSafe like connector. But in each case, the idea is that fuel cell stacks convert source fuel… Into electricity to generate electricity. The difference between the patents is the precise details of the fuel cell stack and how to generate electricity. For example, an example suggests that a fuel cell can be a proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell using hydrogen as fuel. Another proposal is that the fuel cell stack can correspond to solid oxide fuel cell, molten carbonate fuel cell, direct methanol fuel cell, alkaline fuel cell or other types of fuel cell. < / P > < p > apart from claiming that such a working system can power devices for days or even weeks, Apple has no further estimate of battery life. There is no sign of how far Apple will go in implementing the patented solution. Apple has been working on power and battery technology for a long time. It even patented the use of hydrogen eight years ago. Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple