At present, users can play sounds on your lost iPhone or iPad through find my, but apple is studying how these devices can send signals and locations to each other without beeping or ringing. Apple thinks it’s better to let your device manage for you rather than having to struggle to hear where the beep comes from. A U.S. patent from Apple called & quot; positioning wireless device & quot; describes how the device uses sound beyond the range of human hearing. < / P > < p > Apple states in its patent that sound is played at a specified frequency and that sound is received through two or more microphones (configured for beamforming) in an electronic device using the frequency response of the speaker. Beamforming means that the signal is no longer broadcast in all directions, but for specific equipment. Or in different directions during the search until the device is located. < p > < p > Apple said that beamforming signals are generated from the output of two or more microphones, which are filtered by one or more filters, and one or more filters are configured to transmit sound at or near a specified frequency, and to reduce the masking of sound by ambient noise. The filtered sound is associated with azimuth data generated by sensor data provided by one or more inertial sensors of an electronic device at a specified frequency above the maximum human hearing range. < / P > < p > so instead of hearing a faint beep from the back of the sofa, the end user is guided by the image on your device that you haven’t lost. The idea is that this feature is a much broader part, and what you have to do is locate your lost or stolen devices, whether they are nearby or not. It’s also about whether the misplaced device can be used alone, such as the iPhone, or Apple’s companion device, such as airpods. < / P > < p > when you look for a lost device, your iPhone can first check if it is currently paired with your airpods, which means, for example, that they are close enough to the audio system to work. If not, if the missing device is not in range, you can use the version of the regular find my app. SpaceX beat blue origin and Northrop Grumman to win a $316 million air force contract