According to foreign media techcrunch, Google, the company with the largest number of Internet users in India, accounts for 99% of India’s smartphone market. But in the world’s second-largest Internet market, Google faces a strange challenge: dozens of India’s top entrepreneurs. Dozens of top Indian start-ups and companies are trying to form alliances and consider launching an app store to reduce their dependence on Google, five people familiar with the matter told the media. < / P > < p > now, more and more Indian founders are deeply concerned about Google’s “monopoly” status in India and discuss the unfairness and inconsistency in implementing the play store guidelines in India. Google said on Tuesday that developers launching apps on the Google play store will have to give Google up to 30% of their payments from next year. < / P > < p > dozens of executives from almost every top Indian start-up and company attended the conference call on Tuesday to discuss its future direction, according to people who asked for anonymity. People attending the conference call agreed that Google’s 30% commission requirement was difficult to achieve. < p > < p > Vishal gondal, founder of goqii, a fitness start-up, confirmed their negotiations with techcrunch and said an alternative app mall would greatly help India’s application ecosystem. < / P > < p > in recent months, several large Indian start-ups have also expressed disappointment with some existing industry institutions. Some say these institutions have failed to focus on nurturing local ecosystems. Global Tech