Because Apple has set a high price for the local iPhone 12 pro, which costs 119000 rupees (about $1620 / 10800 RMB) for the 128GB version, some people simply think of other ways to buy it, such as “Dafei” to Dubai to earn the difference. The iPhone 12 pro, which sells for 84000 rupees (about $1114 / 7618 RMB), still makes money, even if the price of a round-trip ticket to Dubai is included. However, 9to5mac warns that it may not be legal to do so. Because anyone who purchases mobile equipment abroad and brings it back should take the initiative to declare and pay import taxes. < / P > < p > if you’ve heard of Apple’s “unfair” pricing strategies for its products outside the United States, be aware that differences in import and consumption tariffs are often to blame for such problems. < / P > < p > for example, the difference between the guidance prices in the United Kingdom and the United States also implies the fact that the U.S. market usually does not include the different business tax rates of each state (the British market is the tax inclusive price / VAT). Global Tech