The mouth says no, but the body is sincere. Make complaints about the battery and headset cancelled by netizens, but iPhone 12 has been “hot” since its launch. On October 16, the official website was crushed. When selling offline, there are various “queuing”. Can Apple’s sales reach a new high? Based on the combination of multiple models, weight reduction and upgrading, and replacement of existing models, Cinda Securities believes that Apple’s iPhone 12 sales are expected to exceed expectations. < p > < p > based on the above factors, Cinda securities expects that Apple’s supply chain orders in the fourth quarter of this year will be between 80 million and 85 million units, and the sales volume in 2021 is expected to reach 230-240 million units. < p > < p > Cinda Securities believes that in order to invest in Apple industrial chain, we should grasp the two main lines of industrial transfer and new product promotion, and recommend paying attention to lichen precision, LANs technology, goer shares, Pengding holding, etc. However, some people in the industry believe that compared with the iPhone 11 shipment (75 million units) in the fourth quarter of last year, Apple has only increased its orders by about 3%. In addition, the sales time is too short to reflect the real needs of consumers. How about the sales of iPhone 12, we need to further observe the sales situation of Christmas. < p > < p > another apple supply chain company told the Shanghai Securities Journal that its company was required to prepare more production capacity for iPad, laptop and other products. < / P > < p > some listed companies have also disclosed the increase of orders recently. For example, Zhang Jingzhong, chairman of Furong technology, said at a public event at the end of September that the company’s orders for Apple products had increased significantly this year, with the main products including iPads and laptops. Global Tech