During the 2020 Beijing auto show held recently, Nissan’s high-end brand Infiniti announced its future product plans, including the launch of a new generation of qx60 in 2021 and a new SUV model qx55 in 2022. At the Beijing auto show, Infiniti released the qx60 monograph concept car, which has been officially unveiled. This car actually predicts what design elements the next generation of qx60 will adopt. < / P > < p > in terms of appearance, the new car adopts trapezoidal air intake grille, sharp split type headlight and exaggerated lower air inlet, which makes the whole vehicle feel ready to go. < / P > < p > for Infiniti qx55, the official has previously released a preview map, positioning the car as a medium-sized sedan SUV, between qx50 and qx60, and its competitors are locked in BMW X4 and Mercedes Benz GLC coupe. < / P > < p > the exterior design inspiration of the new car comes from FX (later renamed Infiniti qx70). As one of the elders in the field of sedan SUV, the soul and spirit of Infiniti FX is expected to be continued by this new model. < / P > < p > in addition to the appearance, Infiniti qx55 is the biggest bright spot. It will be equipped with the world’s first variable compression ratio 2.0T engine, which can be adjusted seamlessly in the range of 8:1 (partial performance) – 14:1 (partial economy). < / P > < p > as a reference, the maximum power of the current qx50 front drive is 245 horsepower, and that of the four-wheel drive model is 272 horsepower. The transmission is matched with CVT transmission. It is expected that qx55 is not much different from qx55. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park

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