Instagram found itself in trouble after the British competition and market authority (CMA) found that many companies had not fully disclosed their business arrangements with online celebrities, foreign media reported. It is reported that consumer regulations require commercial advertisements to provide clear identification. However, a survey by the CMA found that this did not happen very often. < / P > < p > instagram rules in the UK and elsewhere stipulate that commercial agreements between users and companies must be fully open through the ා ad ᦇ or ා sponsored ᦇ tags. These rules clearly show that the posts users see are paid or have other economic benefits. Usually, this kind of business behavior occurs between the enterprise and the famous Internet celebrities on instagram. < p > < p > however, a survey conducted by the British CMA found that most of the time, social media celebrities do not clearly identify their business activities. CMA also believes that Facebook’s instagram has not done enough to address the problem. Instagram has made some adjustments to avoid being sued for failing to comply with consumer law. < / P > < p > first of all, instagram will prompt users whether they are paid or stimulated in some way to help promote a product or service. If so, the social network will require users to disclose this. < / P > < p > Second, instagram is making its paid collaboration tool available to all users, making it easier for anyone to reveal a business agreement by displaying a tag at the top of their post. < / P > < p > finally, instagram promises to use technologies and algorithms to detect non disclosure of business practices and report these users to their affiliated enterprises to combat such violations. < / P > < p > CMA logo: “as promised, instagram also needs to involve enterprises in change by creating a tool to help them monitor how their products are promoted. Therefore, businesses should do their part to comply with consumer protection laws and take action when appropriate, including requiring the platform to delete posts when necessary. ” Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities