According to foreign media reports, recently, instagram has suddenly seen many black-and-white photos of women, which are usually labeled with “challenge accepted”, “women supporting women” and so on. It is understood that this viral campaign is a way for women to show their gratitude to other women who encourage and support each other.

women from all walks of life, whether celebrities or ordinary people, positively affirmed the importance of supporting and motivating other women in this selfie. They also called on other women to do the same on their instagram accounts.

“I like this simple way to cheer up the other person. #Challenge accepted, “supermodel Cindy Crawford posted a picture of herself walking on the beach on instagram,” thank you for nominating me, @ Vanessa Bryan. ”

” accept the challenge. Cherishing, supporting and believing in women is one of my greatest pleasures, “actress Claire grant wrote on her instagram on Monday.” one of my greatest strengths is that women love me, support me, and understand me. I love the women who nominated me, and I’m awed and inspired by them. ”

challenge accepted is a way for women to support each other and celebrate themselves. The challenge includes women uploading a black-and-white photo of themselves labeled women supporting women and thanking the women who nominated them. In addition, they have to name the women they want to continue the relay.