Instagram announced a major change to its app’s home page today (Nov. 12 local time) and now has reels and shop tags on the bottom navigation bar, which the company has been testing for some time. Instagram said the change was made because of the growing popularity of short videos during the new crown boom and the growing dependence of users on online shopping. < p > < p > the Facebook company said it was the first major change in the layout of instagram’s pages since its launch, and they would not take it lightly. Reels, which debuted a few months ago, competed with companies such as tiktok in the field of short video sharing. As tiktok faces censorship and challenges in some markets, instagram intends to take this opportunity to benefit by promoting reels and encouraging users to adopt this feature. < / P > < p > the dedicated shopping mall announced in July is now also located on the home page, which has been moved from the explore tab to the top. The company said it would offer “personalized recommendations, editorial selections orchestrated by [its] @ shop channel, shopping videos, new product collections, etc.” on the label. The service allows users to pay via Facebook pay, a way for the social media giant to unify payment solutions for its various services. < / P > < p > after adding these two new tags, the create and activity sections are moved to the top of the home page, next to the messenger / direct icon. While the redesign was designed to give instagram a more prominent position in its new services, the company reiterated that it remained committed to its simple core values. It is understood that these changes should be introduced to all users soon. Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple