In recent years, Intel has always been criticized for being slow in its manufacturing process. In fact, the evaluation is not objective. After all, Intel names the process nodes more strictly, so it is said that Intel’s 10nm is equal to or even better than TSMC / Samsung’s 7Nm. In order to identify the process differences from the micro level, der8auer, Canada’s up master, went to the electron microscope to explore. This time, he selected the core i9-10900k of Intel 14nm + + + process and the AMD Ruilong 9 3950x processor of TSMC at 7Nm. Of course, opening the cover is the basic operation, and the processor should be fragmented as much as possible. Finally, it should be fixed on the bracket with conductive adhesive for the X-ray work of electron microscope. In short, the gate width of Intel 14nm chip transistor is 24nm, while that of AMD chip is 22nm, and the gate height is quite similar. < / P > < p > although at first glance there is not much difference between the two, on a closer look, the density of TSMC’s nodes is still much higher than that of Intel, after all, it is nominally one generation ahead. Google said the proposed media negotiation rules would put its free services in Australia at “risk”