At the end of 2020, and will continue to “see” and focus on those groups that are easy to be ignored in the era of mobile Internet. This year, we evaluated the visual accessibility of 7 flagship mobile phones and 24 mainstream apps, which is the same as our “see” action in 2018. Let’s look at the accessibility problems we found two years ago, which manufacturers have improved and improved, and which manufacturers are still in the original place to bring a purchase and app to the visually impaired friends At the same time, it also calls on technology manufacturers to pay attention to barrier free experience, so that technology can truly serve everyone. < / P > < p > in this year’s mobile phone accessibility evaluation, Apple iPhone ranks first as it did two years ago, bringing smooth and stable accessibility experience to visually impaired friends, and even being as convenient as healthy people in the use of many functions. At the same time, with today’s hardware level neural network engine, more machine learning functions are introduced into barrier free design, such as the “picture description” function which has been successfully out of the circle a while ago, and the “screen element reading” function which brings convenience to the visually impaired friends. < / P > < p > friends who are familiar with apple all know that “good devices are devices that everyone can use” is what they advocate. After this year’s barrier free review, Huangjia review also interviewed Apple’s vice president and managing director of Greater China for the first time Ge yue, trying to understand how Apple makes “everyone can use” devices to meet the needs of different groups of technology products. < / P > < p > “nothing about us without us.” this sentence also appeared in our horizontal review video. It is the slogan established by “disabled people’s international” when it was founded in 1981, which means “don’t make decisions about us without our participation.” In our communication with apple, we learned that enabling people with disabilities to participate in the development of assistive technology is also one of the foundations for its accessibility technology to facilitate the use of people with disabilities. < / P > < p > ge yue said in an interview: “Apple has always been committed to designing the world’s most advanced barrier free technology. Accessibility and inclusiveness are not only our core values, but also the way we design our products. The key to this is that we have a diverse team that allows disabled employees to participate in the development of assistive technologies that they rely on every day. ” < / P > < p > in addition to allowing employees with disabilities to participate in the development of assistive technology, Apple will also bring the latest barrier free functions to the disabled through the latest hardware and software updates every year. “The new iPhone 12 series offers the most complete barrier free combination tool that the iPhone has ever had. The character detection function in the amplifier is Apple’s latest breakthrough in visual accessibility. ” Ge yue said. < / P > < p > now through the amplifier function, it can help the blind or the people with amblyopia to better observe the things in front of them. When voice over is enabled, the iPhone will describe the people, objects, and other environmental elements that appear in the amplifier viewfinder. On this year’s iPhone 12 pro and 12 Pro max, due to the addition of lidar sensors, the person monitoring function can identify when someone approaches the device, and at the same time inform users, it can provide real-time voice, visual and tactile feedback to tell users the distance between them. < / P > < p > ge yue said that this function is also very suitable for today’s environment: “the technology is very practical in daily life, such as queuing, commuting, or just finding an open place to sit or stand. It also makes it easier for you to maintain social distance if users can’t reliably judge distance visually during the cowid-19 pandemic. ” < / P > < p > in the whole ecosystem of apple, in addition to the rich built-in barrier free functions in mobile phones, watches, tablets and computers, accessories are also indispensable. For example, many functions of airpods can directly provide help for friends with barriers. “Since its launch, from the unparalleled hands-free wireless headset experience and connection, to Siri activation, to the integration of rich and high-quality audio and auxiliary functions, airpods has also helped Apple take accessibility to a new level,” he said < / P > < p > in fact, headphone adaptability is a new barrier free setting, which aims to adjust certain frequencies by amplifying or weakening specific sounds and better adjusting audio to meet the individual’s unique listening needs. In the transparent mode, the earphone adaptability function of airpods Pro also enables users to hear the sound of the surrounding environment, making the slight sound clear and the sound of the external environment more delicate. < / P > < p > to this, ge yue described: “this, together with some other functions, constitutes the most advanced assistive technology in similar products. It only needs you to click on the most frequently used device to start it.” < / P > < p > first of all, the customer service provided by AppleCare includes a dedicated team to deal with all accessibility problems and provide technical support. “The team is made up of Apple’s accessibility experts, all of whom have received extensive training on the functions of all products (iPhone, iPad, MAC, apple watch and airpods),” Ge said. The apple care consulting team is committed to meeting all types of user needs, including those with first-hand experience in using Apple’s accessibility technologies, such as voice over. ” < / P > < p > secondly, apple recently launched a new barrier free website, which makes it easier for all users to explore some barrier free functions. No matter whether users are identified as disabled or not, these functions can allow users to customize their apple devices in their own way. < / P > < p > finally, Apple also provides developer tools and application interfaces to make it easier for developers to ensure the accessibility of applications, so as to help them reach more users around the world. < / P > < p > Apple’s barrier free experience, just like its hardware and software experience, has become systematic and ecological, making the disabled as well as the healthy people in the apple system. The starting point of all hardware products and software functions is never just to consider a certain group, but each function has a different effect on different groups. < / P > < p > now looking back at our flagship mobile phone accessibility review twice in three years, it’s not surprising that Apple has won the top. This company is using its unique ecological advantages and a broader understanding of accessibility to build “everyone can use” smart devices. “Technology is the most powerful when it empowers everyone.” Ge yue’s words are also the most impressive in this interview. < / P > < p > Huangjia evaluation will not stop here, and “see” action will continue to focus on the barrier free design of technology manufacturers in the future, so that more people can better understand information barrier free, let more forces promote the optimization of information barrier free, and make those technologies that change people’s lives more warm. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities