For glass water, the most important performance index is “freezing point”. The temperature in some northern regions is relatively cold, and the freezing point of glass water is lower, so the performance of glass water is better. The key substances affecting the “freezing point” performance of glass water are ethanol and ethylene glycol. However, in order to cut corners, some enterprises use methanol instead, which causes the “freezing point” performance of glass water to be substandard, which brings safety risks to driving. < / P > < p > in addition, in order to fight a price war, some e-commerce platform merchants even directly use detergent and pigment to blend glass water. When used in winter, such glass water will freeze for minutes, causing irreversible damage to the glass water pipe inside the car. In addition, the acid-base and metal corrosivity of these unqualified glass aquatic products may not meet the standard, which may cause corrosion to the glass and metal structure of the vehicle and damage the internal structure of the vehicle. < / P > < p > it is reported that in 2020, the total output of China’s automotive glass water industry will be about 1.27 million tons, while the annual output of small enterprises will account for about 72.3% of the total. However, standardizing the production standards and product standards of automobile glass water industry, strengthening supervision and supervision, and reducing the unqualified rate of glass water products have become the practical problems to be faced by the whole industry. Global Tech