Ionq, a quantum computing start-up, announced today that it has launched its latest quantum computer with “32 perfect qubits and fairly low gate error”. Referring to IBM’s preferred quantum benchmark, ionq is expected to achieve a quantum volume of 4 million, so it can be regarded as the most powerful quantum computer to date. Although ionq does not necessarily consider this to be the best quantum performance evaluation standard, it has been widely used in the industry that the company decided to publish the performance index. Peter Chapman, chief executive officer and President of ionq, said the company has upgraded the quantum bit warehouse of contemporary hardware from 11 bits to 32 bits. But more importantly, they increased the fidelity required to use all 32 qubits. < / P > < p > according to different applications, customers need 80 ~ 150 high fidelity qubits and logic gates to embody quantum advantages. The goal of ionq is to double the number of qubits per year at least. Based on this, enterprises that do not actively embrace quantum computing will face the risk of being left behind by their competitors. < / P > < p > it should be pointed out that ionq’s ion trap capture scheme is quite different from IBM and d-wave, so it is difficult to compare the original qubit numbers between different suppliers. However, the measurement scheme based on quantum volume can simplify the work to a great extent. < / P > < p > ionq co-founder and chief scientist Chris Monroe added that his newly deployed system has been able to perform tasks that other quantum computers cannot. More importantly, they know how to make these systems more powerful. In the future, ionq hopes to encode multiple qubits to achieve higher fault tolerance. < p > < p > ionq believes that with the help of new error correction technology, it can create a “nearly perfect” logical qubit with only 13 qubits. In the early stage, ionq will provide access to the new system in the form of sealed test. Whether early customers agree with the company’s statement remains to be seen. Global Tech

By ibmwl