Earlier this year, apple shared a preview of Emoji world day, which will soon be launched on IOS 14. The new Emoji Gallery covers characters, body parts, animals, food, household goods, clothing, musical instruments and miscellaneous items, including ninja, cuddle, black cat, bison, polar bear, blueberry, hotpot, bubble tea, etc. < / P > < p > this update also introduces a variety of genders and complexions, and offers the option of wearing a veil and a tuxedo. As emojipedia said, apple previewed a few emoticons in July, but the full version wasn’t known until IOS 14.2 beta 2. < / P > < p > it should be noted that Emoji 13 will be released in six months after the update of Emoji 13, which means that it may not be able to meet you in 2021. < / P > < p > as planned, Apple may only launch a slightly updated Emoji 13.1 update (focusing on skin color changes) and introduce a few new Emoji 13.1 updates in 2021. Privacy Policy