Earlier today, Apple launched a beta version of IOS 14.2, which was quite unexpected, after all, only one day later than the official version. Although the release of IOS 14.2 beta is mainly to fix bugs, Apple has made some adjustments, mainly focusing on the interface, as follows: < / P > < p > the first adjustment is IOS 14.2 the audio card of the control center is redesigned. The new page combines the broadcast control and loudspeaker with the TV page. A new control option is set at the bottom to display other controllable speakers and TV under the current Wi Fi environment separately. < / P > < p > another adjustment is IOS 14.2 add the music recognition function to the control center. After pressing the button, the microphone will be turned on to listen to the music melody of the surrounding environment. If the recognition is successful, the center will be informed that a banner will pop up. < / P > < p > for this adjustment of apple, some developers said that IOS 14 is reflecting an adjustment idea of apple, which is to make the system easier to use, easier to use, and want to find some functions that can be found instantly. Skip to content