In IOS 13 last year, apple brought a number of new functions and improvements to reminders app, such as adopting a new UI design, adding a quick toolbar, subtask / group list, sharing and collaboration and other new functions, which let the originally simple reminders experience a “rework”. < / P > < p > in the upcoming IOS 14, although the reminders don’t change much, they still get a lot of improvements. These details and functional refinements complement the shortcomings of this native application to a certain extent. < / P > < p > in terms of appearance / function, the reminder items of IOS 14 mainly have these changes. The first is the adjustment of the list interface. After the major reform of IOS 13, the UI design of reminders has not changed much on IOS 14. The home page is still divided into two main partitions: “smart list” and “my list”. The difference is that the new version of IOS 14 now supports creating new reminders from the list interface through the bottom left corner, without entering a specific list. < / P > < p > and by clicking “Edit” in the upper right corner, the smart list can now be rearranged or hidden to make your reminder list more personalized. In addition, the number of smart lists has been added “assigned to me” on the basis of the previous “today”, “plan”, “all” and “flag”. This function will be introduced below. < / P > < p > the second is function optimization. Entering a specific list, the reminders in the new version of IOS 14 now support the management of multiple projects, such as marking completion, flag, assignment, and so on. This is not feasible in IOS 13, which supports multiple project selection, but can only be used for moving between different task groups. < / P > < p > Apple has added custom icons and personalized color options for lists in IOS 13, while IOS 14 goes a step further by adding more icons and supporting emoticons as list icons. < / P > < p > in addition, the new version of IOS 14 adds more visual icons in the details page of reminders, making it easier to distinguish and select. < / P > < p > the new IOS 14 reminder also optimizes the calendar picker, which now previews a full month without having to filter day by day as before. The improvement of reminders in the new version also includes sharing and collaboration. As a “todo” application, collaboration is an indispensable feature. Although Apple added sharing collaboration in IOS 13 last year, which allows creators to share the task list to other users, the function of collaboration is still relatively simple. The first thing is that it does not support task allocation. That is, users who join the shared list will receive all the tasks in the list, which is not conducive to management and allocation. < / P > < p > fortunately, this feature has been improved in the new version of IOS 14, which now supports assigning reminders to members in the shared list, and they will receive corresponding reminders. It’s great for splitting tasks and letting everyone know what they’re responsible for so that they don’t miss something. < / P > < p > in general, IOS 13 is a watershed for reminders, while IOS 14 is a perfection on this basis. Many features that were too late or unexpected at that time were complemented in this version. < / P > < p > although there is still a certain distance from other third-party apps in terms of professionalism, the improvement of the new version of reminders should be able to play its due role in covering more applicable groups. After all, as a native application, it is facing a more popular group. How to balance functionality and ease of use is the key. Global Tech