Do you use desktop widget when upgrading IOS 14? Although it is questioned that it is “the rest of Android playing”, it doesn’t matter as long as users have demand and can use it. At the same time, due to the addition of small parts, the playability of the desktop is also greatly increased, so there are more personalized solutions. < p > < p > netizen Ben Zhu’s desktop beautification was forwarded by Mr and received a lot of praise. As shown in the figure, the author not only skillfully knows the desktop widget, but also replaces the desktop icon with the help of the shortcut app. Note that it is not a prison break. < / P > < p > however, there are not many apps that support widgets at present. From the view of tag retrieval on social platforms, the widgets of weather, clock and health apps are the most popular. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen