The development team of IOS jailbreak Tool & quot; checkra1n & quot; has released the 0.11.0 version of jailbreak tool, adding support for IOS 14, but only runs on limited devices. While announcing the software release, the team said in a statement that it would take more time to bypass Apple’s new security measures to support jailbreaking IOS 14 on new devices. < / P > < p > in IOS 14, Apple has added a new barrier to sepos for A10 and above (except Apple TV and ibridge): if the device is booted from DFU mode and secure enclave receives a request to decrypt user data, it will bring the device down. Since checkm8 does not give you the right to control secure enclave, it is not easy to solve this problem. However, with the recently released blackbird vulnerability, developers have been able to gain control of secure enclave on A10 and a10x and disable this barrier. Meanwhile, support for A10 and a10x devices is ongoing and is expected to be completed in the next few weeks. < / P > < p > < p > & quot; checkra1n & quot; was created by the security researchers responsible for last year’s & quot; checkm8 & quot; vulnerability, which was found on almost all of Apple’s chips and paved the way for a permanent, irreparable prison break for hundreds of millions of affected IOS devices. Skip to content