According to the current information, Apple will release the next iPhone 12 series models will support 5g network, but different models will have different network support, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 The two Max products only support FR1 (sub-6ghz) frequency band, and there is a certain dispute between the two pro level products. Some news said that both pro level products support FR1 and FR2 (millimeter wave) frequency band, and some news said that only iPhone 12 Pro Max supported millimeter wave. < / P > < p > in fact, for domestic users, whether or not to support millimeter wave may be just a difference in parameters. A little more can make you spend more money on a technology that you don’t need. At present, the 5g network under construction in China is basically FR1 network, and even the coverage of SA network is not perfect. At present, the 5g independent network full coverage has been announced in Shenzhen, and NSA network is basically the main network in other regions. In addition, Li Fuchang, deputy director of wireless technology research department of China Unicom Research Institute, previously released information shows that the Winter Olympics venue equipment deployment will be completed in June 2021, and the millimeter wave application product experience deployment will be completed. That is to say, there was almost no millimeter wave experience before that. < / P > < p > is millimeter wave so useless? No, 5g millimeter wave provides a very, very big increase in network connection speed. Under what second, high-definition movies and other stories are completely possible under millimeter wave. For comparison, according to the data released by Hisilicon, the download rate of Balong 5000 baseband chip can reach 6.5gbps under millimeter wave and 3.5gbps in uplink, while under sub-6ghz, the corresponding download rate is only 4.6gbps and 2.5Gbps. However, if we want to build a 5g commercial network with wider coverage, sub-6ghz has the advantage of wider coverage, while the main application scenarios such as millimeter wave are densely populated, such as airports. Global Tech