The release and production of the iPhone 12 seems to be a major concern for consumers. It is reported that the iPhone 12 will start mass production in batches in October. According to the latest news from microblog digital blogger @ mobile phone chip talent, apple can obtain 10 million A14 chips in the third quarter and 70 million chips in the fourth quarter, but the production and assembly will be several weeks behind the chip. It is estimated that Apple will produce about 70 million iPhone 12 this year. < / P > < p > this is basically consistent with the previous news that TSMC, the chip foundry, plans to deliver 80 million A14 processors to apple for the production of the iPhone 12 this year. The owner also disclosed that the price of the iPhone 12 will remain the same as last year, which is very low because the BOM cost of the whole machine has increased by nearly $50 this year. However, Apple’s “old friend” Guo Mingji predicted that the mass production delivery time of the iPhone 12 series should be in early October. In other words, you will get the new iPhone 12 as soon as the end of October. So Apple may hold a new iPhone 12 launch in early October. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region