The launch of iPhone 12 is over. This generation is the most popular and competitive new iPhone Series in recent years. I think most people will reach this consensus. The iPhone 12 ordinary version and mini are fragrant enough, and the two Pro versions are also pro enough, with obvious differences and clear positioning. The pro version is worth thousands of yuan more. In fact, most of them focus on the image function (and the shell material of course). < p > < p > this generation of iPhone, the image improvement is huge. The technology accumulation in the past few years has been concentrated on the iPhone 12. < / P > < p > in terms of photography, the iPhone 12 is still a dual lens combination of ultra wide angle and wide angle. The lens is upgraded to 7p, and the aperture and sensor area of the main camera are also improved compared with the iPhone 11; the iPhone 12 Pro Series is still a combination of ultra wide angle + wide angle + long focus, and the aperture and sensor are also improved with the introduction of lidar lens. In addition to the parameters of < / P > < p > parameters, a huge improvement is that all cameras of the iPhone 12 series now support the new deep fusion function introduced last year, including the front lens, and all lenses support night scene mode. In the past, ultra wide angle lens on iPhone 11 Pro was not supported, that is to say, now the iPhone 12 is supported Full focus can be taken with higher tolerance and more solid details. < / P > < p > in addition, thanks to the powerful image processing ability and machine learning ability of A14, iPhone 12 can intelligently optimize the details, noise, color and other parameters of photos in addition to intelligent HDR, in short, it is automatic P-map. < / P > < p > the two Pro even bring a function called “proraw”. What can professional users do if they want a more convenient raw in the later stage and a series of image processing technologies for iPhone? Apple’s proraw turns each single technology into a color curve like setting, which can be adjusted individually, selected to be retained or deleted, killing two birds with one stone. It can process photos in a variety of ways without damaging the image quality. < / P > < p > in addition, it should be noted that there is a big difference in image related configuration between iPhone 12 pro and 12 Pro max. in other words, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the “true flagship” and the positioning of 12 Pro should be slightly lower. For example, pro Max’s long focal length is longer, and the sensor area of the main camera is larger, which is claimed to have an 87% increase in light input. < / P > < p > more importantly, the sensor shift technology introduced by apple this time is only available on the 12 Pro max. This technology, as the name implies, is sensor displacement, which moves the sensor instead of the lens when shooting, so as to improve the dynamic capture effect of the camera and replace the OIS optical anti shake. < / P > < p > in the field of camera, the sensor shift technology is adopted for the five axis anti shake of Olympus signboard, which has outstanding effect. It can be adapted to any lens (no need to equip the lens with anti shake). At the same time, it also has the function of synthesizing an ultra-efficient photo by moving the sensor. From the introduction point of view, the iPhone 12 Pro should adopt the X / y two axis anti shake, and there may be a gap with the five axis anti shake adopted by the non reflective camera, but it is still the first time to use it on the mobile phone. < / P > < p > compared with optical anti shake, sensor shift has the least impact on the image quality of the film. The outstanding anti shake ability can improve the stability of night scene photography, especially in ultra wide angle. The main camera and long focus lens of iPhone 11 Pro are equipped with optical anti shake, but the ultra wide angle is not equipped Apple officials said the handheld state can achieve up to 2 seconds of exposure. “Kechuangboard daily” once reported that this new anti shake technology was developed by Apple itself, and was manufactured by lgit, the largest camera factory in South Korea. < / P > < p > for the first time, the iPhone 12 series has realized the shooting of Dolby horizon format on mobile phones, supporting 1 billion colors. On the iPhone 12 pro and pro max, you can shoot 4k60fps Dolby horizon video. IPhone 12 is also the first device that can directly edit in Dolby view format (such as adding filter directly, which can be operated in album APP) What else can we say? < / P > < p > not to mention, Apple has also introduced lidar. In addition to modeling and other functions, lidar can also speed up the focusing speed of dark light scenes. According to apple, lidar can increase the focusing speed by 6 times. According to apple, the bottom + anti shake + fast focusing can maximize the night scene photography experience. At present, these functions are only the tip of the iceberg of lidar. < / P > < p > this press conference is only about 1 hour and 10 minutes, but there is a huge amount of information. Especially in the video part, apple threw out all the functions one after another. As a result, when I watch the live broadcast, my first feeling is that I need to digest < / P > < p > What are the advantages of iPhone in the past? Accurate color restoration, stable white balance, high tolerance. The iPhone doesn’t have 100 times zoom of the moon, but the main camera is still the most frequently used one. Basically, the main camera of iPhone can well complete the task of “taking a stable and accurate” photo. The “trust” in the user’s subconscious is extremely high, and “stability” is the most prominent label of iPhone’s photo taking function in all ages, although it is on the DxOMark list It’s been abused, but if you want to take good pictures, the iPhone is still the first tier choice. < / P > < p > real time HDR, deep fusion, ambient light In the past few years, basically every generation of iPhones has brought one or two revolutionary feature upgrades at launch. With the pro product line, Apple has gradually moved closer to productivity tools. Apple has provided you with a technology platform with a high enough upper limit. You can use the iPhone 12 Pro Max as a serious creation tool whether you are taking photos or photographing. It is the first time that the positioning difference between the ordinary version and the pro version is so clear. < p > < p > the iPhone has many shortcomings, such as the surprisingly slow charging speed, a lot of services that can’t be used in mainland China, and the signal depends on fate. However, in terms of imaging, especially photography, it’s really the leading one. This kind of leadership is based on the route determined for many years, the efficient combination of software and hardware, and the massive number of iPhones in the world Based on the big data analysis of photos, it is difficult for competitors to imitate and surpass. Really, don’t touch the photos of the iPhone. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park