Frankly speaking, this year’s iPhone 12 has been upgraded a lot, including smooth middle frame, improved resolution of 12 screen, better effect of Pro photographing and recording, 5g full band support, 5nm A14 processor, 6GB ram of pro, wireless charging of MagSafe magnetic suction, etc. According to the latest video shared by foreign up main EAP, iPhone 12 Pro runs faster than 11 pro and XS. The

test is to turn the 20 common APP on the three machines into the background and calculate the total time. The second round continues to open in turn. Here we investigate the maintenance of background multitasking. < / P > < p > the gap was magnified in the second round, and the advantage of 6GB memory was fully reflected. On the iPhone 12 pro, all programs, including large-scale games, word, iMovie, etc., can be maintained in the background, and return to the front desk in seconds, with a total time of only 28 seconds. IPhone 11 pro and XS are a large number of apps that need to be reloaded, taking more than 1 minute. Global Tech