The iPhone 12 series returns to the flat middle frame and is lighter and thinner, but in addition, the appearance ID such as bangs has little change compared with the iPhone 11. Today, a blogger exposed a picture of a real iPhone 12 (6.1 inch) and an iPhone 11 pro (5.8 inch) in the same frame. From the front, if it is not the 5g signal in the upper right corner (the signal is only 2 bars…), it is difficult to see at a glance who is the new model. < / P > < p > of course, there are still some differences in the border details. The iPhone 11 Pro has a much smoother edge transition, while the iPhone 11 is much straighter and stronger. But that’s all. < / P > < p > although the memory is far less than the Android flagship in the same gear, with the closed IOS ecology and good software and hardware coordination, the fluency is still unparalleled. As for which one is worth buying, Wang Teng, the product director of redmi brand of Xiaomi, said recently that among the four models, the iPhone 12 is relatively the most upgraded, and the OLED screen, 5g and A14 are still the most worth buying, but the starting price is 800 yuan higher than the previous generation, which depends on the market performance. Global Tech