Apple event on September 15, which Apple announced last night, seems to have nothing to do with the iPhone 12. This is not only because of the endorsement of the blog report, but also that evleaks has published new evidence to support this view. The internal email leaked from the carrier showed that the iPhone 12 supports 5g, but the pre order deadline is set on October 20. < p > < p > October 20 is a Tuesday, and apple always opens new iPhone pre orders on Fridays and ends on the following Thursday. So a lot of speculation thinks that October 20 is a place holder, and the real time is to hold a press conference on October 13 (Tuesday). The booking will be opened on Friday (October 16) of that week, and it will be officially launched and delivered on October 23 (Friday). < / P > < p > echoed a prediction in August by Jon Prosser, who said the iPhone 12 would be released in the week of October 12-19. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen