Apple said the iPhone 12 will no longer give away headphones and chargers because of environmental concerns. Similarly, this year’s apple watch will no longer offer a charging adapter. < / P > < p > the company said the move meant that each iPhone sold would consume less raw materials and reduce carbon emissions. Overall, apple expects these changes to reduce carbon emissions by more than 2 million tons a year, equivalent to removing 450000 cars from the road each year. Earlier, this rumor caused a stir on the Internet. Some people think it has something to do with Apple’s desire to increase profits and reduce costs, rather than protecting the environment. But regardless of Apple’s motives, the move could reduce e-waste. < / P > < p > Apple says there are already 700 million headphones and 2 billion Apple power adapters around the world, indicating that most people already have both.

mobile phone headset and charger make complaints about micro-blog’s environmental protection motives, but no micro-blog phones have been widely accepted. “I want to be mad, I just don’t want to sell my cell phone.” some netizens say that old iPhone can continue to use old chargers. But this is not the case. First, you can’t enjoy fast charging (compared with Android or slow charging). Second, the interface has been changed. Now it’s lighting to usb-c interface, and your charger has to be changed. As far as I know, many businesses have started to buy mobile phones as free chargers. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park