What’s more, Apple has added a 5.4-inch model this year. Judging from the leaked CAD drawings and machine model comparison, the size of the iPhone 12 will be close to the three dimensions of the iPhone 8, slightly larger than the first generation iPhone se2.

this volume control is very friendly to users who want to operate with one hand. Think of the volume of the iPhone 8 combined with a 5.4-inch full screen large screen (compared with 4.7-inch), there will be no pressure to hold with one hand. On the other hand, it can also be understood as “full screen iPhone se”.

you can open the corresponding photos on your full screen iPhone to experience the 5.4-inch “iPhone 12” effect in advance:

another thing to be sure is that this year’s iPhone 12 series will abandon the rounded middle frame design that was used in iPhone 6, and return to iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 The overall design of the right angle middle frame of the series will be close to the style of iPad pro. Among them, the basic model of iPhone 12 will adopt aluminum right angle middle frame + glass back cover, and the iPhone 12 Pro Series will use stainless steel right angle middle frame + glass back cover.

after being used to the mellow iPhone for six years, it may take some time to get used to the sharp and angular feel of the iPhone. However, in the face of those “shell parties”, these may not be a problem.

this year’s iPhone 12 series will also be different in terms of screen. Industry analyst Guo Mingji previously said that all four iPhones will be equipped with OLED screens this year, but Apple will still distinguish the basic model from the Pro Model Based on the screen quality, and the most rumored one is that the two Pro models will use the 120Hz promotion adaptive refresh rate technology of iPad pro.

the high refresh rate screen has become one of the selling points of mobile phones on the market. This technology can bring smoother display effect and more follow-up operation experience for mobile phones. However, the disadvantage is that it consumes high power. If it is opened for a long time, it will lead to diabetes insipidus. Therefore, the Android manufacturers on the market will join the adaptive mode, and the mobile phone system will automatically switch on and off the high refresh rate according to the display and operation page, so as to reduce the service life anxiety to a certain extent.

as for whether the iPhone 12 series can use this technology, it is still difficult to determine. It is rumored that apple is conservative about this technology. On the one hand, it is worried that the mobile phone will reverse its service life. On the other hand, it seems that Apple has no intention to create a visual setting switch for promotion. If this function is tested, it will not be turned off like the iPad pro, so there is some uncertainty.

last year, by increasing the battery capacity and optimizing the power consumption and energy efficiency performance of A13, apple raised the short board of iPhone’s battery life in one fell swoop, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max became the iPhone with the longest battery life in history. However, according to the data exposed so far, the battery capacity of some iPhone 12 models has even regressed, which further aggravates the uncertainty of promotion’s high refresh rate screen.

Jon Prosser, a well-known source, once disclosed that “Apple’s two choices for promotion’s high refresh rate are ‘completely available’ or ‘not at all’, regardless of the switch function or the compromised 90hz option. ”

so it seems that Apple has seriously considered the possibility of adding promotion to the iPhone 12 with a high refresh rate, and it may even be ready for a prototype. As for whether it will be removed before the official release, like the reverse charging feature of the iPhone 11 series last year, it may not be known until it is near or officially released.

two years ago, the iPhone x full of black technology came on stage to open the role of the iPhone in the next decade, and it also put up “bangs” for the iPhone. Last year’s iPhone 11 series didn’t wait for “narrow bangs”. This year’s iPhone 12 series may be transferred.

according to a design sketch released in April by Jon Prosser, a well-known source, it seems that the iPhone 12 will have narrower bangs. In order to achieve a more compact space layout, the redesigned hardware layout makes the ambient light and distance sensor of the original deep feeling camera more central, and the iPhone speaker is located above the frame of the phone, not between the borders of the phone.

l0vetodream, a blogger who has repeatedly and accurately disclosed Apple’s new product information, also said that this year’s iPhone 12 will use narrow bangs.

Apple will not launch a real full screen iPhone without bangs in a short period of time. However, it is worth looking forward to reducing the area as the first step to eliminate the bangs. After all, if it comes true, it is likely that this mold will continue to be used in the next two or three years.

the last is the camera. No accident, the two iPhone 12 Pro will be equipped with lidar lidar sensor, and a new lens configuration of wide angle / long angle / ultra wide angle three camera (it is also rumored that only the iPhone 12 Pro Max is equipped with lidar sensor, but I don’t think the possibility is high).

we have learned the power of this lidar sensor on the iPad Pro 2020. Compared with the infrared matrix of faceid, lidar projects infrared acquisition points with larger area and longer distance. It is suitable for some larger three-dimensional space ranging work, and is also regarded as the “eye” of AR function in the future.

compared with the optical anti shake based on lens movement currently used in iPhone, sensor shift can mobilize the relevant components at the bottom of the CMOS image sensor to quickly and accurately move the image sensor in the X / Y direction, so as to compensate the image blur jitter caused by the user’s motion when taking photos, so as to achieve better anti shake effect.

this technology has been adopted in many professional cameras, and new functions other than anti shake have been developed. The “shake music” on many professional cameras is to synthesize a high-pixel picture by using multiple frames of CMOS displacement. It’s also worth looking forward to the possibility of using this technology on the iPhone 12 Pro max.

Finally, summarize some of the more reliable revelations about the iPhone 12 series, and see which new features impress you: (888]
for apple, the importance of the iPhone 12 series this year is self-evident. It’s the first time that the iPhone’s 600 million years ago is the time for the first iPhone to be updated.

as the global mobile phone market has become saturated, although it is difficult for the iPhone 12 series to reproduce the sales miracle of the iPhone 6, relying on the iteration of communication technology may still drive the demand of a large number of people to replace their phones. This is also the “nail door” group Apple needs to keep. They are waiting for an iPhone that can really move their wallets once again.

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