One day when I went out, I took it with me in the office hall all morning. My keen “charging intuition” made me find that my aunt’s iPhone was charging all morning, so I did a “small interview”. My aunt’s mobile phone model is the iPhone 6S by visual inspection, and she doesn’t know how to charge it. She bought the head and cable casually on the street. Anyway, it was plugged in all day long – she really didn’t have a strong perception of the speed. < / P > < p > Xiaobian’s thinking is a little dull for a while, and his daily life is surrounded by such information as “fast charging” and “flash charging”. Unconsciously, the information cocoon room for charging has already been established. It seems that everyone is using fast charging, and everyone is eager for 100W. In fact, in daily life, people’s needs are different, the tool property of mobile phone is still stronger, and charging is easy to be ignored. < / P > < p > for so-called “environmental protection” reasons, apple no longer comes with charger accessories for this year’s iPhone 12 series smartphones. In view of the current stock of mobile phone chargers on the market has been quite rich, the company’s move seems justifiable. But there are a lot of people like aunts in the previous article. Many people, regardless of speed and brand, can charge as long as they can. Even if they change a new machine, they may still use the previous charger. So we also charge the iPhone 12 one by one with the lab’s “slow charging” chargers. < / P > < p > use oneplus plus plus dash flash adapter dc0504b1gb to charge iPhone 12 with voltage of 5.13v, current of 0.00a and power of 0.00w. However, in the off state, the current detected by the power meter is about 0.5A, and the power is about 2W. All chargers are powered on. For the sake of fairness, the power on data is used. < / P > < p > use oppo R9 standard vooc flash charger ak779 to charge iPhone 12 with voltage of 5.07v, current of 0.00a and power of 0.00w. Also in the off state, after the power meter detection current is about 0.5A, the power is about 2W, all chargers are powered on charging, for the sake of fairness, use the power on data. < / P > < p > for your convenience, we put the compatibility test data of iPhone 12 and a number of usb-a chargers into the table. First of all, due to the baptism of time and the limitation of technology, not all chargers can be charged successfully, but most devices can still be charged. Secondly, the successful chargers are concentrated in 5W and 12W power bands, 12W may be compatible with apple 2.4a charging protocol. Finally, the test proved that the old charger “is not useless.”. < / P > < p > for more intuitive comparison, we put the test data in the histogram. These 25 so-called old chargers charge the iPhone 12 with a power deviation of about 7.3W. < / P > < p > “the existing power adapter, earpods and usb-a to lightning cable are all suitable for iPhone 12. As the number of these accessories has reached billions around the world, the new accessories that come with them are often idle, so the iPhone product line will no longer come with these accessories You can continue to use the usb-a to lightning cable in your hand to charge your new iPhone, or you can use the usb-c to lightning cable now included in the box to charge it quickly. ” This is Apple’s official website on the charger and other accessories do not come with instructions. So the charging head network really charges the past chargers and the usb-a interfaces of some multi port chargers one by one to the iPhone 12, and then you can see the data above. < / P > < p > this test data proves that what Apple said is true, but it is not completely correct. There may be a lot of chargers at home, but there are not many that support fast charging, and the charging experience is uneven. In particular, the iPhone 12 series comes with a c-to-l cable. The previous usb-a interface charger can’t be used at all. In the face of Android’s tens or hundreds of watts of fast charging, apple still needs to think more about charging. Global Tech