In the summer of 2010, I was playing fruit ninja with my classmate’s new iPhone 4 during recess. At that time, I thought, this thing is just too awesome. Ten years later, when I touched the iPhone 12, I suddenly felt that youth was back. Because the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro max of the iPhone 12 series will not be available until November, let’s talk to you about my experience of using iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro for 5 days. < / P > < p > strictly speaking, there is no difference in body size between iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro. They’re all 6.1-inch screens, right angle frames, fuselage. The visual difference of the appearance is that the iPhone 12 Pro has a stainless steel frame, a three shot laser radar on the back, and frosted glass. < / P > < p > after comparing the 5g flagship products of all the mainstream brands on the market, you can find that the iPhone 12 series should be the thinnest 5g mobile phone on the market. < / P > < p > in particular, the iPhone 12 weighs only 162g, which is 32g less than that of last year’s iPhone 11. In addition, with the smaller size of the body, the feeling of being light and thin suddenly comes up. < / P > < p > although the screen of the iPhone 12 Pro has increased from 5.8 “of 11 pro to 6.1”, the size of the iPhone 12 Pro is only 2.7mm longer, and the weight is 1g less, so it will not feel particularly heavy. < p > < p > in the screen part, the iPhone 12 also has a particularly significant improvement. Compared with the iPhone 11, it abandons the LCD screen and uses the hyper retinal XDR display, and the frame is obviously narrowed. < / P > < p > but the typical maximum brightness is 625 nit, while the Pro Series is 800 nit. Some differences can be seen in the sunny outdoor environment. < p > < p > this time, Apple has used an exclusive glass technology called super porcelain crystal panel for the whole series of iPhone 12. In short, the scratch resistance of the screen has been improved, and the anti fall performance has been improved by 4 times compared with the previous generation products. This will not be tested I love my new cell phone. < / P > < p > the fuselage is thinner and the battery is smaller. The iPhone 12 screen is better than before. The biggest concern is that the battery life is weaker. Apple’s official website says that the battery life has not changed, and we have also made a measurement. In the 5-day experience, the endurance of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro is not significantly lower than that of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro. < / P > < p > 5g is very dependent on the base station. The very simple logic is that the network speed is fast when the base station is close. We ran a few simple runs, basically like this. < / P > < p > Apple has made an intelligent data for this new 5g function. In short, it is a bit similar to the Intel processor’s Rui pin. When you are using a mobile phone and have a large amount of data demand, the machine will immediately switch back to 5g and open the gate to drain water. Put 5g speed on the most obvious part of your perception. < / P > < p > there is another knowledge point. This year, don’t buy American version machines for the sake of millimeter wave 5g. First of all, the millimeter wave 5g in the United States and the millimeter wave 5g under test in China are not the same frequency band, and they are not supported when they are bought back. Secondly, there are more openings on the body of American version machines, which is ugly. In addition, millimeter wave 5g does not represent more advanced. The coverage area of millimeter wave 5g is very small. If the base stations are not particularly dense, the experience is very poor. < / P > < p > from the data point of view, the signal of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro is a little better than that of the previous generation, but from the actual experience, it can be clearly felt that the signal is getting better, and some places that did not have the Internet before now have the network. Because A14 chip has stronger artificial intelligence computing power, it can better machine calculate photos, significantly improve the image quality in low light environment, and the image picking ability of portrait mode is also better. < / P > < p > 12 pro, in addition to the previous improvements, the main improvement is that after adding lidar, the focusing speed in low light environment is increased by 6 times, and a person like night scene mode is added. < / P > < p > both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro support the recording of Dolby’s video, that is, 10 bit HDR shooting, which will make the video more vivid. < p > < p > Apple has always been a good magnet player. On the iPhone 12 series, Apple has stuffed 16 magnets into the iPhone’s body, bringing MagSafe. This is a very retro word, which was last used on the old MacBook line. < / P > < p > the function of MagSafe is to make the wireless charging experience more convenient. It is not necessary to aim the iPhone 12 series on the MagSafe wireless charging board with a click. We have tested the charging time, and it is about half an hour to charge the iPhone 12 pro, and MagSafe can charge 40%. < / P > < p > the first complaint comes from the official protective case that supports MagSafe. Because Apple also put a circle of magnets in the protective case, this year’s official protective cover is thicker than in previous years. Once the iPhone 12’s body is light and thin, it will be gone. It’s a little annoying. However, we checked the official documents, which said that as long as the shell is 2.1 mm thinner, the experience of MagSafe charging plate will not be affected, so this data can be used as a reference for the thickness of the third-party protective cover you buy. < p > < p > 2. The second complaint is the design of the MagSafe charging board. Maybe apple takes the portability into consideration, but the MagSafe charging board is not heavy. There will be a problem. When charging, you can just suck it up. When it is full, you can take it down. It’s not very convenient. The third dissatisfaction is the bangs of iPhone 12. Although the bangs are a little narrower than the previous version, the bangs on faceid are thicker because the screen border is narrower It’s ok if you don’t think about it carefully. Obsessive compulsive disorder is a little uncomfortable. < / P > < p > this is a point that will be raised every year. Of course, I understand very well that the machine may become thicker after the fast charging and high refresh rate screens are installed, but With these two things… The iPhone experience will be better. < / P > < p > first of all, the iPhone 12 is worth buying. It’s light and light, and the screen is a whole step better than last year’s, and the shooting ability has been upgraded. It’s worth it. As for the 12 pro, one is that it has a better texture, and the other is that if you think you attach great importance to the camera and video capabilities of the phone, the 12 Pro is more fragrant. Oh, yes, the two machines have different body memory. The iPhone 12 is 4G, and the iPhone 12 Pro is 6G. < / P > < p > many people say that the iPhone 12 series is a toothpaste squeezing process. However, in fact, the update and iteration of any technology equipment is a process of squeezing toothpaste. It just depends on whether there is so much squeezing or so much squeezing. < p > < p > seriously, the iPhone 12 toothpaste is not too crowded. Intuitively, with 5g, better photo and video capabilities, MagSafe charging, stronger fall proof and water resistance, and better performance, the fuselage has become thinner and thinner. Behind it is the significant improvement of power consumption control ability by 5nm process of A14 chip, and a big iteration of iPhone design, process and manufacturing capabilities. The iPhone 12 is still one of the most valuable 5g flagship series on the market. < / P > < p > I want fast charging, you want a high refresh rate screen, he wants a real full screen, Lao Wang next door wants a super long focal lens, and a neighbor Lao Li wants an off screen fingerprint. We are all techno geeks and have a bright future. However, the demand of each consumer is different, and there is no one product from any manufacturer that can satisfy everyone. It’s like CCTV Spring Festival Gala, which is criticized every year for its hot search, but most people in the country still watch it. The people Apple has to face are more smartphone consumers all over the world. What Apple wants to do is to serve all smartphone consumers, not just the tech geeks who can accept and abandon some experiences for a particular experience. The annual pre-sale and actual sales of iPhones also reflect a point: for most people, the iPhone is still fragrant. Even for technology bloggers who have to pass dozens of mobile phones a year, most of them are still iPhone. < / P > < p > every day, there are 100 million people who want to teach Zhang Xiaolong how to do wechat, and hundreds of millions of people want to teach cook how to run Apple. If you are cook, are you sure you are bored? Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days