The trend of low price has become one of the key words of iPhone this year. Previous news said that in addition to 5g version, iPhone 12 will launch a cheaper 4G version, further lowering the threshold of starting. According to the known information, some foreign bloggers have made the appearance rendering of 4G version of iPhone 12, and named it iPhone 12e.

it is reported that the new machine has two versions of 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch, supports 4G LTE network, carries A14 bionic chip, has built-in 4G memory, and is equipped with 12 million rear dual cameras.

previously, the IT Times reported that a visit to Apple’s Shanghai OEM factory proves that the iPhone 12 currently being proofed by Changshuo factory has two versions of 5g and 4G.

it is reported that some equipment manufacturers’ staff in the factory disclosed that “Changshuo has three iPhone 12 models in proofing, and each model has two versions of 4G and 5g.”

there is a view that Apple’s largest market is in the United States and Europe, where 5g is not fast. So if Apple does not have 4G products, how can it cover the U.S. and European markets? So there’s bound to be a 4G version.

in addition, the development speed of 5g in various countries is not consistent, and 4G still has relatively large market space. If there is a significant price difference between 4G and 5g versions of the iPhone 12 series, it is not a more attractive choice for consumers.