For the first time this year, the iPad air 4 has a side fingerprint that integrates touch ID with the power key. Previously, similar solutions were only seen in the MacBook product line. I thought that many people would regret that the iPad air 4 didn’t have a face ID, but I couldn’t think of it. The reason is that foreigners are tired of face recognition with “repeated battles and failures” under the normal epidemic situation. < / P > < p > the good news is that Apple plans to launch a low-cost iPhone next year, which uses the side fingerprint and Apple’s own solution. < / P > < p > think about it carefully, once the side fingerprint is installed, it means that the bangs can disappear from the front. If we think deeply, does it mean that other “iPhone 13” models will also be upgraded to the design language of true full screen + off screen face ID? Skip to content