Although the 8K video recording capability of smart phones has arrived, its frame rate is still not satisfactory. Apple has added 4K 60fps to the iPhone, but assuming the new rumors come true, the next big leap in video recording resolution may be seen for the first time on the iPhone 13 Pro Max camera. < / P > < p > Android phone manufacturers often boast that their devices can capture 8K video at 30fps, but they don’t state that users usually can only record at the above resolution and frame rate for 5 minutes due to overheated chipsets and cameras. In fact, when Samsung launched 4k60fps video recording for its Galaxy S9 family, the time limit was no more than five minutes. < / P > < p > since Apple introduced the 4K 60fps option for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X in 2017, this obstacle has not been found on any iPhone. It is reported that the company is now planning to bring in 8K video recording capabilities, but according to one source, it may appear on the iPhone 13 Pro Max in 2021, with some significant upgrades to the camera hardware expected. < / P > < p > according to @ macintoshleak, the iPhone 13 Pro Max may use deformable lenses to allow the highest end flagship of Apple’s 2021 series to record at 8K 30fps or 8K 45fps. What’s more, the source also claimed that video recording would use a lot of stabilization techniques, but he didn’t mention that reducing camera jitter would be assisted by hardware stability (OIS), or software stability (EIS). < / P > < p > If 8K video is important to you, don’t buy this year’s iPhone 12. If not, potential iPhone 12 buyers will be surprised by camera features. According to the leakage of IOS 14 beta 2, all iPhone 12 models may support native 4K video recording at 120fps and slow motion 4K video recording at 240fps. In addition, we can see that features such as lidar autofocus, enhanced night mode, enhanced noise reduction and bit depth video will be available in future models, so we should expect the best performance of the iPhone 13 Pro max. Unfortunately, it’s too early to talk about the iPhone Series in 2021, especially when Apple hasn’t officially released the iPhone 12 series, so be careful about this information and wait for further updates related to this information. Global Tech