Apple released IOS 14 five days later, according to mixpanel, a mobile analytics company, that the software has been updated with about 26 percent of active iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, including ipados 14. By contrast, we can know that the adoption rate of IOS 14 exceeds 20% of the week after the release of the previous big version of IOS 13. Obviously, the adoption rate of IOS 14 with great improvement attracts more attention. Up to now, the home widget has proven particularly popular, which may attract more user updates, while other features, such as drawing video in picture and setting third-party browsers and e-mail applications as the default, are also popular. It is not official data, but it is usually similar to Apple’s own data. Apple usually publishes its adoption data within a month after a major release, so there is no official IOS 14 data yet. Global Tech