Apple’s decision not to include chargers and headphones in the new iPhone 12 box may be good for its business and help the company save money, but the environmental benefits may be offset by additional purchases of headphones and chargers. Apple said in the launch that the removal of chargers and headphones would reduce carbon dioxide emissions from processes such as mining and packaging related to product manufacturing, while the company also won praise from many environmental groups for reducing e-waste. < p > < p > Apple’s announcement is the latest move to make it a more environmentally friendly company after the company made a major commitment in July to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Angelo Zino, a senior industry analyst at investment research firm CFRA research, said Apple promoted this as an environmental initiative, but it also clearly brought financial benefits, closely related to profits. < p > < p > Zeno explained that the transition to 5g is an important reason Apple hopes to save costs by reducing. This is the first time Apple has supported 5g on all its new phones, making the iPhone 12 more expensive to manufacture than the iPhone 11, because the components to achieve 5g speed are more complex and expensive. The RF components in the iPhone 12 alone will be 30% to 35% more expensive than before, so Apple will seek to cut costs elsewhere. < / P > < p > decide to remove the charger and headset from the box. Gene Munster, managing partner at venture capital firm Loup ventures, said the move would increase Apple’s gross profit per phone by more than 1%, a strategy adopted by apple to maintain its current profitability. < / P > < p > if people decide to buy airpods because they don’t have earplugs in the box, it’s a huge victory for apple, but not for the planet. According to Munster’s data, if Apple’s mobile phone sales this year are roughly the same as those in 2018, that is, about 217 million units, even if only 5% of the people decide to buy additional airpods, Apple will get an additional gross profit of $700 million. < / P > < p > the problem is that buying a charger or headset separately can mean more packaging waste and emissions from separate deliveries. This does not necessarily help to reduce overall emissions, it just passes them on to different companies. < / P > < p > there is another reason why waste parts don’t reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as apple predicted. The new iPhone 12 will be shipped in smaller packages because there will be less in the box, which will increase the number of palletized boxes by 70%, reducing the number of deliveries and thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But Sara behda, an associate professor of Environmental Engineering Science at the University of Florida, says in real life, things will be different. Because even if there is more space on the tray, it does not mean that it will be filled, so smaller packaging does not necessarily lead to a significant reduction in emissions. “Selling the new iPhone 12, with or without headphones or chargers, distracts us from the bigger question of why Apple and other electronics companies are not taking on greater responsibility for reusing and recycling their products,” said Scott Cassel, chief executive officer of the nonprofit Institute for product management < / P > < p > Cassel wrote that if Apple made its products easier to refurbish so that they did not become “obsolete and junk” in a few years, the company would have a greater impact. (small) < A= target=_ blank>Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen