Recently, something happened in the science and technology circle, but it spread from one to ten and from ten to 100, which attracted the attention of many netizens. It turned out that the price of Apple was black dragon, which made many wool parties unable to follow. However, according to the latest news, apple said that the price Oolong order will be cancelled and a full refund will be made. Netizens lamented: is it legal to cut the order directly? < / P > < p > Apple said that the price Oolong order will be cancelled because of the Oolong incident on Apple’s official website, in which some products with a price of over 1000 yuan are sold for only one or two hundred yuan, and many users take the opportunity to “collect wool”. For example, more than 1000 yuan of children’s building block kits are priced at less than 150 yuan, and there are many other toys and accessories, all of which are very low prices, and a large number of users rush to buy them. < / P > < p > at present, however, Apple says that the price Oolong order will be cancelled, and Apple says that “we unexpectedly found that there was a problem with the price of the goods in your order. There is no promotion for these products, but the price is not accurate, so we will cancel this order. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have completed the payment, we will refund it to your original payment method. ” < / P > < p > Apple says the price Oolong order will be cancelled, so what is the legal basis for apple to do so? In fact, the price Oolong incident has basically been happening one after another since the e-commerce. After all, people will make mistakes. In the early years, people took this incident as a topic of justice and hot discussion, and even some businesses fulfilled the bug and delivered the goods. < / P > < p > however, in today’s e-commerce industry, which has developed for more than ten years, unless the business wants to hype, all kinds of legal provisions and exemption clauses are clearly arranged for you, and it is generally difficult for individual users to really take advantage of the business. And in this Wulong incident, apple said that the price Wulong order will be cancelled, and the user really has no temper. < / P > < p > because according to the terms and conditions of Apple store, the product and pricing information on the website has been verified before the announcement. However, in very few cases, it may be wrong. If Apple finds a pricing error, it will notify the user, cancel the order, and refund the order in full, so Apple said the price Oolong order will be cancelled. < / P > < p > is Apple’s claim that the price Oolong order will be cancelled in line with Chinese law? Some media listed the corresponding legal provisions for your reference, and said: we do not further discuss the legality of Apple’s behavior, only from the respect for users, apple China has not done enough. < / P > < p > according to Article 49 of the e-commerce law of the people’s Republic of China, if the commodity or service information released by the e-commerce operator meets the offer conditions, the user selects the commodity or service and submits the order successfully, and the contract is established. If the parties agree otherwise, such agreement shall prevail. E-commerce operators shall not stipulate in the form of standard terms that the contract will not be established after the consumer pays the price; if the standard terms contain such content, the content shall be invalid. < / P > < p > that’s the whole story of Apple’s claim that the price Oolong order will be cancelled, so Apple really has the right to do so. Moreover, in recent years, in fact, the comments on the “wool party” are not very good, leading to the lack of public support for them. How do you comment on the event that Apple said that the price Oolong order will be cancelled? Global Tech