Energy saving, now has become a major reference index when consumers choose home appliances. In the field of water heaters, when it comes to energy saving, we have to mention air energy water heaters. As for the new upstarts in the market, I believe everyone has heard that it is very energy-saving. It is known that once electricity is used for four degrees, and the energy saving efficiency is as high as 75%. So how much energy saving does air energy heater have? What are the advantages and disadvantages compared with traditional gas and electric water heaters? Today we’re going to talk about air heater. < / P > < p > we should all be very curious, what energy does the air water heater rely on to heat water? Is it true that the air heater burns air? In fact, the air energy water heater is not “burning air”, but it does use air to make heat. What it uses is the heat energy in the air. Air energy water heater is also called “air source heat pump water heater”. The air energy water heater absorbs the low-temperature heat in the air, vaporizes through fluorine medium, and then pressurizes and heats up after compression by the compressor, and then transforms into water heating through the heat exchanger. The compressed high-temperature heat energy is used to heat the water temperature. It may be difficult to understand this. In fact, we can regard the air energy water heater as an air conditioner, because its principle is similar to that of air conditioner. Both of them use fluorine medium and compressor to realize heat transfer. However, air conditioning is to transport heat away from the air to realize cooling, while air energy water heater collects heat in the air, For hot water. So ordinary air water heaters and air conditioners have an outdoor unit, of course, now there are integrated air water heaters without outdoor units. < p > < p > then how does the air energy water heater use one degree of electricity as four degrees? The main reason is that the electric energy consumed by the air energy water heater is not directly used for heating, but is used to carry the free heat energy in the air. Generally speaking, 1 kW of electric energy can carry 3-4 kW of heat, while the ordinary electric water heater can only generate 1 kW of heat according to 100% energy conversion rate, so the air energy water heater can achieve better than the traditional one The water heater consumes several times less energy. There is no doubt that the biggest advantage of air energy water heater is that it saves electricity. Of course, in addition to this, safety is also an advantage of the air energy heater. The electric energy of the air energy point water heater is mainly used to carry heat, which does not directly act on the water. In this way, the electricity and water are well separated, and there is no need to pay attention to the risk of leakage. In addition, there will be no explosion and poisoning risk of gas water heater. < / P > < p > the first disadvantage is that it is greatly affected by the environment. The higher the external temperature, the higher the handling efficiency. If the external temperature is lower than zero, the handling efficiency will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the air energy water heater is very unfriendly for the northern and other areas with lower winter temperature. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to purchase the air energy water heater in northern China. Of course, there are also some air energy water heaters that are commonly used in the north and the south, which are charged with auxiliary heat, and switch to electric energy heating when the temperature is low. However, it is no different from the ordinary water storage electric water heaters, and it is not so energy-saving. < / P > < p > the second is that the volume is large. The air energy water heater relies on the heat energy in the air for hot water, which is a relatively slow process. Therefore, the air energy water heater generally has a large water tank (generally 100l-300l) to store enough hot water, so as to meet the needs of a family in a day. However, such a large volume is not friendly for people with small family area. If the split type air water heater is used, it is necessary to consider how to place the external unit. < / P > < p > the third is that the price is higher. Price is absolutely the most important factor that affects consumers’ choice. The air energy water heater contains compressors, evaporators, condensers and other devices. Therefore, in terms of manufacturing cost, it is much higher than that of ordinary electric water heaters and gas water heaters. In addition, the time to market is relatively short. At present, it still belongs to a small number of products. Therefore, the lowest price is generally around 45000, which is quite expensive for a water heater. At such a price, even if the air water heater can save energy again, it can not make up for the huge cost of purchase with the saved electricity cost in a short time. Air energy water heater is indeed the most energy-saving water heater on the market at present. However, the cost of energy saving is a little high for ordinary consumers. At least at this price, it is difficult for most consumers to be moved by the advantages of energy saving. For most people, water storage type electric water heater and gas water heater are still the first choice. Compared with air energy water heater, they are not energy-saving enough. At present, it is difficult to pick out any major shortcomings in the use experience. As for the safety concerns, as long as the products are qualified and compliant, and the operation and use are standard, the occurrence of potential safety hazards is actually a small probability event. < / P > < p > generally speaking, air energy water heaters may not be cost-effective at present. Of course, if manufacturers can reduce the price in the future, then air energy water heaters are still worth considering. After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today