In daily life, I believe many people have heard the word husband and wife, and there is a similar saying all over the world: people are easily attracted by people who have something in common with their face. According to foreign media reports, in fact, the view of husband and wife has existed for decades, which originated from a psychological study conducted in the 1980s. The conclusion of the study is that after 25 years of living together, the late social psychologist Robert Zajonc said that the “couple’s face” can be attributed to the fact that both husband and wife unconsciously imitate each other’s expression in their life, which eventually changes their facial appearance. < / P > < p > researchers say that habitual use of facial muscle tissue may permanently affect the physical characteristics of the face. It also means that two people who live together for a long time will have similar facial features due to repeated empathic imitation. < / P > < p > up to now, these views have been deeply rooted in psychological literature and daily culture. But a new study from Stanford University denies that. < / P > < p > in the 1987 study, only 12 newlyweds were photographed when they first got married and 25 years later, the researchers said. In the new study, 517 photos of married couples were collected and compared with photos taken 20 to 69 years after marriage. < / P > < p > in addition, they also used a face recognition algorithm called vggface2, which has been proved to be better than human in judging facial similarity. < / P > < p > the results were quite unexpected. Over time, the researchers did not find any evidence to prove that couples are more and more similar in appearance. < / P > < p > and according to the data provided by vgface2, the appearance between husband and wife has not become more similar with the passage of time, on the contrary, there have been some subtle changes in some aspects, which means that the appearance between husband and wife has become more dissimilar. < / P > < p > however, while the team found no evidence that couples tend to look similar over time, they have an unexpected finding: people tend to prefer partners who look similar to themselves. < / P > < p > this is good. For example, people tend to choose people who are similar to their interests, personality, intelligence, attitude, values and happiness as their partners. These traits are similar from the beginning, and do not converge over time. Global Tech