Shortly after the release of the first trailer of “island horror 6”, there was a debate among the host players, focusing on a sentence in the video note. The last sentence in the small words of the trailer for “Island 6” is “4K ultimate HD screen, only in Xbox one X and Xbox series X”. So the players began to speculate that the movie could not support 4K screens on PS4 and ps5.

but an important point is that the so-called “4K ultimate HD picture” is the description that Xbox boasts itself, and it does not apply to the Playstation version of the game. However, if we look at this sentence alone, it will make people doubt that “Playstation can’t work”. So the media directly went to Ubisoft and asked for the truth. Ubisoft said: “what needs to be clearly pointed out is that” island horror 6 “will also provide 4K images on ps5, PS4 pro and PC. Details will be announced later. ”

so “island horror 6” can also achieve 4K resolution on PS4 pro and ps5. However, it is estimated that the PS4 Pro can not achieve the native 4K output.

it is easy to see that in the coming next generation host war, both sides are making every effort to create advantages, and there may be more eye-catching operations to create topics in the future.