For the recent ticket skipping of cyberpunk 2077, cdpr blamed the game’s PS4 and Xbox one versions for further optimization. CEO Adam kici ń ski told investors that the PC version was “ready and running well on next generation hosts”. He also said that cyberpunk 2077 could have been launched on November 19, previously planned, if only on the platforms mentioned later. However, kici ń ski then said: “however, even though cyberpunk 2077 has been verified by Microsoft and Sony, some of the final optimization processes still need extra time for a game of this size and complexity.” < / P > < p > this is the third time that “cyberpunk 2077” has skipped votes. For this reason, the Polish company also held a special shareholders’ meeting to answer questions from shareholders to ease their concerns. Adam kici ń ski told the conference: “targeting future sales, if possible, only the next generation will help us a lot. But we’re also preparing for very old machines (this generation of mainframe) that present us with unique challenges that no longer exist on future projects. ” < / P > < p > “the version we are selling is the current generation version, which can also be played on next generation hosts through backward compatibility, but it does not have the unique features of next generation games. Because of its powerful function, the next generation version of cyberpunk 2077 is comparable to the PC version with strong performance. The new host has more memory and faster hard disk reading. The next generation game looks very beautiful. ” When asked about overtime at the studio, kicinski said overtime was “not that serious” and “never (serious)”. “Of course, it’s a story that the media love to report, and although some people have been working hard overtime, most of the team has not worked overtime at all because they have finished their work,” he said. It’s mainly QA and engineers, programmers, but it’s not that serious. A little bit longer, of course, but we’ve received feedback from the team. We’re happy to have an extra three weeks of development time, so we don’t see any threat in overtime. ” < / P > < p > but kici ń ski has since sent an email to cdpr employees apologizing for his comments on overtime on Tuesday’s conference call. “I didn’t want to comment on overtime, but I did, in a derogatory and hurtful way,” kici ń ski said in an e-mail that was obtained by Bloomberg and shared by reporter Jason Schreier. To be honest, it’s only now, when the pressure associated with the postponement decision and the conference call itself lifted, that I was fully aware of the truth of what I said. I have nothing to justify. I’m not even talking about misfortune, I’m talking about total bad. For this, please accept my most sincere apology. ” Global Tech

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