On Thursday, Jon Prosser, a well-known whistleblower, launched an open question and answer session for netizens on twitter. Some of Apple’s new plans were revealed, such as the company’s plan to build a game console and is expected to release a more affordable Apple watch soon.

the apple watch series 6, which will be released this autumn, is expected to have only a small update. It is rumored that it will include improved ECG function and the use of blood oxygen sensor.

Apple TV is expected to become a powerful game platform thanks to the update of hardware and the handle controller. Prosser said Apple was developing a game console to compete with Sony Playstation and Sony.

after months of waiting, Apple TV 6 is ready. It is expected that the machine will be equipped with the latest a12z processor for a better game experience. Unfortunately, although Prosser claims to have obtained the product picture, it is not available to the public at this time.

Apple may refresh in September. Although the exact model is not specified, there are rumors that it is the basic iPad or the “iPad air 4.”.

as for the main iPhone 12 series intelligent machines this autumn, mass production may be launched in September. But the probability of the legendary 120Hz high refresh rate display is not high at present.

interestingly, Prosser also mentioned the airpower wireless charging board, which had not been successfully completed. It is said that Apple has not completely abandoned the project, and has improved power management based on the prototype, but there is still a long way to go before mass production and official launch.

plans for airpods studio are also progressing step by step, but its release date has not been confirmed. In addition, Prosser agreed with apple glass’s sources, but there is no new content for the time being. Unfortunately, there is no following of airtag smart tag. Global Tech