Microsoft’s Xbox series console was launched without the support of Halo: infinity, which greatly reduced the morale of Xbox and PS’s new generation for the first time. While players are dissatisfied with the halo developer 343 industries, maybe Microsoft and 343 industries are planning bigger plans. According to the latest information, in addition to 343 industries is strengthening “Halo: Infinity”, there are two series of games have entered the planning stage. < / P > < p > according to the news from twitter, 343 industries intends to make “Halo: Infinity” into a work in the form of a collection of officials and officials. In the next decade, four chapters will be launched one after another, and two aura games with an external character have entered the planning stage. According to the disclosure, the first foreign work is the third work of the RTS game halo War series, halo war 3. Before it was set as space RTS, the game was cancelled for a time, and now it has returned to the traditional RTS type. The second spin off game will continue the story line of Halo: infinity. < / P > < p > in other reports, halo: infinity is planned to be launched from March to June 2021. The game will provide 45v45 multiplayer combat mode. At present, the outcome of the game has not been determined, and 343 is testing two game endings. Other Microsoft teams will launch a chicken eating halo game in 2021. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities