Li Yinan, the founder and former CEO of Xiaoniu electric, has joined the new energy vehicle business camp. Like the ideal car, Li Yinan adopts the extended range technical solution. The first car is SUV, which is planned to enter the market of about 200000 yuan. According to the news, Li Yinan’s new energy vehicle project has been launched for more than a year, and has set up research and development centers in Shanghai and other places, with a team size of more than 100 people. At present, the project has entered the prototype stage. According to public data, Li Yinan graduated from the junior class of Huazhong University of technology. He was admitted to the youth class of Huazhong University of technology at the age of 15, and became the executive vice president of Huawei at the age of 26. < p > < p > in 2000, Li Yinan left Huawei to establish the harbor network. In 2006, he was acquired by Huawei. However, two years later, Li Yinan left Huawei again. He worked as CEO of Baidu CTO, CEO of infinite news of China Mobile, and partner of Jinshajiang venture capital.

China children’s day electric technology, which was founded in 2015 by Li Yinan, has the best materials and the most advanced technology to build a China’s most powerful electric vehicle. It released the N1 of the calf electric car three days before the children’s day and the birth day, and crowd financing of 15 yuan in the 15 day. < p > < p > in December 2017, Li Yinan was released from prison, but because Niu Dian technology was preparing to go public, Li Yinan’s identity was no longer suitable, so he resigned. Li Yan takes over the CEO of Niudian technology. < p > < p > at present, new forces of automobile manufacturing are surging in China. The three new forces of Weilai, ideality and Xiaopeng have formed a tripartite trend. In addition, traditional automobile enterprises such as BYD are competing for supremacy. It is not known whether Li Yinan, 50 years old, can still reproduce the legendary color and technological aura of that year in the field of new energy. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen