Slashgear quoted a recent source as saying that under the best conditions, the Dajiang Mini 24K UAV’s single charge duration may reach an amazing 31 minutes. It is said that the machine can not only record 4K images, but also climb up to 4000 meters. In addition, winfuture shared a set of spy photos of the DJI Mini 2 and showed off the bundle kit of the UAV. < / P > < p > similar to earlier versions, the DJI Mini 24K can also be purchased with three batteries, blades and other accessories. It is expected to be released on November 4, 2020 and will start at 450 euros. In terms of parameters, < / P > < p > parameters, the main camera or adopts a 1 / 2.3-inch 12MP sensor, with 83 ° field of view and F / 2.8 aperture, and can record 4K 30fps video. In terms of speed, it is said that the DJI Mini 2 can increase 5 meters per second and cruise (forward and backward) can reach 16 meters per second. The built-in battery capacity is 2250 MAH (slightly smaller than expected), but the 31 minute battery life is still a surprise. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia