At the TGA awards ceremony in 2019, the wolf among us 2 released a trailer announcing the restart of the development of the work. Due to the closure of telltale games, the developer of walking dead, in 2018, the development of projects such as walk with the wolf 2 was cancelled. In 2019, telltale Games was “resurrected” by LCG entertainment, and “walking with the wolf 2” was also re entered the development process. < p > < p > according to foreign media wccftech, a source who previously leaked the relevant information of “walk with the wolf 2” pointed out that at this year’s TGA 2020 award ceremony, “walking with the wolf 2” will release a new preview, and the development team will also update some game information. < / P > < p > it is understood that most of the dubbing actors in the first film will return and some new roles will be added. The sequel will take place two years after the story of walking with the wolf, and the location of the incident has also been transferred to a small town in Vermont. Snow White will play a more important role in the sequel. The whole story will have more than five chapters and will be released in a short time. The informant also provided a leaked picture: < / P > < p > < p > “walking with the wolf 2” is said to be on sale in the winter of 2021 on PC, xboxone, Xbox series X / s, PS4, ps5 platforms. However, so far, these revelations are only for reference. Whether they are true or not will be revealed at the TGA awards ceremony. Global Tech