Apple’s iPhone 12 series has been very popular since it adopted a new design and shape. Although manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei have launched their own foldable smartphones, Apple has not even hinted at such things. Samsung has launched three foldable smartphones, and each time it releases a hinge it gets better. But today’s news may be exciting for you, as Apple may also be brewing a foldable device. According to the latest report, apple is likely to launch a foldable iPhone in 2022. < / P > < p > as Samsung Electronics has launched three foldable smartphones built with flexible OLED panels, DIGITIMES research believes that apple is likely to intervene in the field of foldable smartphones in 2022 to further promote the demand for flexible OLED displays. Apple has a number of patents related to the foldable iPhone. Earlier this year, Apple was rumored to have sent its foldable iPhone to Foxconn for testing. In addition, there are reports that someone leaked a foldable device similar to the iPhone 11 design. However, the device comes with two different screens attached to a hinge in the middle, which will make the iPhone look like Microsoft’s surfaceduo, because it doesn’t have a real single-chip foldable screen. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days