Airpower, originally Apple’s wireless charging pad, can recharge a variety of Qi compatible devices from iPhone to airpods. Unfortunately, after finding that the quality of the charger did not meet the company’s expectations, the product was cancelled by apple, ending the consumer’s dream of having such a special design by apple, rather than from a third-party partner. A twitter tweet by the reporter ioriku shows that airpower may appear in 2021, but no details of its listing are provided. Customers who want to see any variations of airpower, such as the rumored cheap version, will be disappointed. He said that if Apple had the opportunity to release a wireless charging pad or pad, it would probably happen, and although it was disappointing, jioriku did suggest something positive at the end of the twitter. Obviously, we may see positive news in 2021, and Apple may finally complete the mass production of airpower. Even earlier reports have said that engineers at the company are trying to redesign the coil so that it can charge multiple devices at the same time without overheating. There is no update on the product, but Apple may continue to improve its airpower capabilities. For example, airpower may utilize smart power routing, which is likely to be attributed to the a11 bionic chipset. A11 bionic made its debut in the iPhone x, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 plus, when nothing was able to approach the level of performance and efficiency it brought. It is reported that this hardware is operating inside the wireless charger, and we are looking forward to the future development. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure